About Us

Cividex was founded to resolve problematic service gaps in the industry. They identified that large manufactures in Australia had poor, if any communication with their customers, and very slow quotation times.

For example they found 8 out of 10 clients that deal with these large manufactures would place small and very large orders for a project or stock, only then to be delivered to site a portion of the total goods ordered and without notification of stock delay and back orders. These clients would also experience ongoing frustration with their point of contact, as they would be in constant meetings, on holidays or just not contactable.

One common response Cividex hear often is: "the staff are always available to take the order / sale but not available when help is required". 

Cividex ensures that open lines of communication are present at all times by giving clients a dedicated person and phone number, no one person in Cividex is too important to speak with a client. The directors are hands on with every client regardless of the size.

Cividex’s clientele range from government departments and contractors to retail stores.  All customers are managed to a precise degree of excellence.

Our company credo is about Cividex and our customers “ACHIEVE TOGETHER”.

And our customer focus is service first.